Harmony Farm, located just ten kilometres north of the St. Lawrence River in Brockville, is a family-run farm that specializes in small scale, high quality products.

We haven't always been farmers; this is a very recent and significant change for us.

We have always been concerned about climate change and were waiting and hoping for green to become mainstream so that we could do more to help the environment.  When our kids became involved in climate marches, we decided that we didn't want to wait any longer, we wanted to do whatever we could now.

Trained as a Landscape Architect and with a love for big projects, problem solving and working with his hands, Greg took a leap of faith and decided to start an organic farm.  Growing organically means nurturing the billions of microorganisms in the soil that in turn capture carbon and nurture the food we grow.

As a psychiatrist who loves to cook, Kate has a special interest in Lifestyle Medicine including the positive health impacts of whole foods and the improved nutritional profiles of organically grown produce and pasture raised meats and eggs.  Cooking with Harmony Farm products has been a real treat!  Kate compiles collections of delicious seasonal recipes and helps to plan the crops so that we will have complementary ingredients for weekly recipes.

Have you been wanting to have delicious, healthy, local food for yourself and your family?  We offer an affordable and convenient way to exchange your weekly trip to the grocery store for food delivered to your door that you can feel good about in every way!

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