Answers to all of your questions about our Food Delivery Service!


How do I sign up for home delivery?

You can sign up for home delivery through our FARM SHARE, BUTCHER BOX SHARE or FARM STAND programs.  Learn more about these programs in "About our Online Farm Store".


I clicked on a link to buy a farm share and was redirected to a site from called "Harvie" from Pennsylvania...are you local?  What is Harvie?

2022 was our first season offering CSA Farm Shares.  We used a traditional model of offering everyone who signed up the same offerings every week based on seasonal availability. 

During our first season we received lots of feedback and we listened!  Our members told us that they loved shopping local and getting fresh, organic, delicious products.  Things they wanted in addition to that were options to customize what they received, review and change their order, include items other than veggies and miss a week if they were unavailable. 

We found a service called "Harvie" that meets all of these objectives and provides us with pick and pack lists to make sure we have everyone's order spot on! 

When you are re-directed to the Harvie site, their software will organize your order to make sure you are getting the fresh, local, organic Harmony Farm products that you want the most!

Where do you deliver?

We provide local delivery to Brockville and surrounding areas, anywhere within the triangle between North Augusta, Maitland and the village of Lyn.  We will also deliver to Iroquois starting in January 2024 because of the number of Harmony Farm members in that area.

Questions about if you are within our delivery area?  Get in touch!  (

I would really like to order but I am just outside of your delivery area, what can I do?

We based our delivery areas on where most of our customers live and where we can deliver efficiently; the zones are not written in stone!  If you want to order but you are outside of our zone, reach out to talk with us about it (; we'd love to find a way to provide you with farm fresh foods!

When can I expect my delivery?

During our slower season (November to June), deliveries are on Fridays.  During peak season we may deliver on Thursdays and Fridays.  All deliveries arrive between 9am -5pm. 

What if I am not home when my order arrives?

No worries. If you are not home or simply prefer a drop off, just leave a cooler of sufficient size beside your front door and your items will be deposited. 

Is there a delivery fee?

Yes. A $5 flat rate is charged at check out for every delivery.

Can I pick-up my order?

Yes. When the market is not open (November -May), you can pick up at the farm between 4-6 on Friday and 10-12 on Saturday.  Your order will be packed in a labelled bin and waiting for you in our self serve walk in cooler, in the building just past the gardens and the duck pond.  When the market is running, you can pick up at the farm between 4-6pm on Friday or between 8AM and 1PM on Saturdays at the Brockville Farmers' Market. No delivery fee:)

What if I am away on vacation?

You will have the option of either skipping a week (and not being charged) OR donating your weekly share to those in need by clicking "donate to loaves and fishes", a local charity that provides healthy and affordable prepared meals to those facing food insecurity. 

There are some veggies my family does not like, can I opt out of these?

Yes!  Indicate when you sign up that you would never like to receive these items and we will make sure that you don't!

Can I order products other than veggies in my Farm Share:

Yes!  You can order any of the products that we offer (meat, eggs, flowers, herbs, dairy and other local products) as a part of your farm share; if you love it, we will include it in your personalized delivery:)

What if I order flowers and I am not home for delivery?

If you can leave a vase with water next to your cooler, the flowers will be placed into it. If not, they will be wrapped in paper and left on or in the cooler with your other items.

What if I order meat and I am not home for delivery?

All meat arrives frozen. It is a good idea to have a separate cooler available for these products. 

What if I change my mind?

We hope that you will love your farm share and being a Harmony Farm member. If for any reason you change your mind, you can cancel your farm share any time.